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LASIK Pricing Info

When it comes to LASIK and paying for your visual freedom, price should not stand in your way. Instead, your health and the outcome of the procedure are the most important factors to consider.

At Juliette Eye Center, we have the experience and equipment necessary to give you a world-class LASIK experience.

How Much Does LASIK Cost?

When you choose to get LASIK, you’re investing in your future. And when you decide where to get LASIK, you’re investing in the technology used and your surgeon’s experience. You shouldn’t skimp on either of these.

The quality of your eyesight affects your quality of life. Poor vision makes life more complicated.

Not being able to see well is also costing you money. After a successful LASIK procedure, you’ll save on glasses and contacts and have an easier life.

So it makes sense to preserve and improve your eyesight. You’ll save money and be able to do what you want to do now and in the future with visual freedom.

You have only one pair of eyes. Don’t risk them on a budget LASIK practice.

And don’t let price dictate your LASIK decision. Your eyes are too important.

Is it Worth Spending More for LASIK?

Finding the proper LASIK practice can be challenging. Some practices advertise low prices for vision correction that may seem appealing.

But they aren’t telling you the whole story. They aren’t telling you that there are significant differences between LASIK practices.

Ask the same questions of every LASIK provider, and you’ll see where some cut corners. Technology, experience, and personal care all affect your LASIK outcome.

They are all critical in ensuring optimal results after LASIK. Missing even one piece of that triangle can jeopardize your LASIK results.

So, when you’re considering where to get LASIK, be sure the practice you choose has the following:

  • An experienced surgeon with a good reputation and high skill level
  • The best technology that creates a custom treatment plan for your unique eye profile
  • Face-to-face consultations with your surgeon before and after the procedure If the surgeon you decide to work with can provide all the above, your chances of exceptional LASIK results are excellent!

LASIK Costs at Juliette Eye Institute

The cost of LASIK is different for every patient. That’s because the level of correction you need, the complexity of your procedure, and the technology used all affect price.

You want to be sure that your surgeon considers all three factors when determining the cost of your LASIK procedure. Even if the price of a quality LASIK procedure is higher than the bargain shops, it is worth the peace of mind it provides.

LASIK At Juliette Eye Institute

The LASIK surgeons at Juliette Eye Institute have years of experience and use the best technology available. Our founder Dr. Robert Melendez has performed over 15,000 cataract and refractive correction procedures.

He uses the Wavelight® EX500 Excimer Laser, which creates a three-dimensional map of your eye. This unique map guides the laser as it reshapes your cornea to improve your eyesight.

The Wavelight® EX500 Excimer Laser provides a high level of precision. That means the corneal reshaping process lasts for seconds for each of your eyes!

 Dr. Melendez also sees you before and after your procedure. These personal visits help ensure the best possible outcome.

Many LASIK errors occur after the procedure when a patient doesn’t know how to take care of their eyes. Unfortunately, most bargain LASIK practices don’t offer this personal attention which leaves the results of your procedure up to chance.

How Can You Pay for LASIK?

Don’t put off LASIK because of the cost. Dr. Melendez and his staff want LASIK to be affordable to every patient. You deserve a lifetime of visual freedom.

And that visual freedom will save you money. Most LASIK procedures pay for themselves within three years because you save so much money not buying glasses and contacts!

You can finance LASIK through Juliette Eye Institute and Alphaeon Credit. It’s an easy payment option with flexible payment schedules and no application or annual fee.

Another financing option is CareCredit. CareCredit is a medical procedure financing company that offers payment plans to fit any budget!

Are you ready for visual freedom from LASIK? Schedule a LASIK consultation now at Juliette Eye Institute in Albuquerque, NM, today!


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